Contact me…

I’m working as a web developer for several years now and I’m trying to learn the art of penetration testing without doing the real bad things…

From now on I will send every webmaster an email and wait 2 weeks until i will release an report. I hope they use the time to fix their websites…

Email: justxss[at]gmail[dot]com
GPG Key: 725EE4A3

Or use my PrivacyBox:

Website: https://privacybox.de/justxss.msg
Mobile: https://privacybox.de/justxss.mobi

Website: https://privacybox.de/cgi-bin/tram_msg.pl?sus=justxss&lang=en
Mobile: https://privacybox.de/cgi-bin/tram_msg.pl?sus=justxss&lang=en&mobi=1

When using PrivacyBox your message will automatically be encrypted using my gpg key. Then it will be send to the above email address.

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